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Driven to keep your Fleet Safe

Fleet Safety Services 

Drive America promises results of fewer Accidents and better attitudes toward driving

For any company that employs drivers we know how frustrating and costly accidents can be. 


With the average accident involving a company vehicle costing over $35,000.00 the need for Employee Safety while driving is one of the most necessary steps all companies must take in the work environment today.


  • Our Programs can change the way employees think about Driving while on the job.

  • 30 years of experience in teaching driver’s how to Avoid Accidents.

  • The result will be less equipment loss, less worker’s compensation claims and lower insurance rates for your company.


We can arrange class times to fit your schedule and we have classrooms available or can travel and teach them at any location if needed.

Drive America can also provide services such as Driver Evaluations, Driver Training, Supervisor Training and Employee Screening for new Drivers.

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Company Driver Safety Programs.


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Drive America joins Coastline Academy! 

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