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Starting June 9
Drive America Joins Coastline Academy
for Safer Roads in Fresno

We are excited to announce that Drive America is now a part of Coastline Academy. Coastline is the largest driving school in the country, with over 50,000 5-star reviews from students across the US. This collaboration combines Coastline's expertise in education technology with Drive America's community roots to create a dynamic driving education experience for students in Fresno, Clovis, and beyond.


What's changing?

  • Online software - parents and students will use for scheduling lessons and online courses.

  • Increased lesson availability - we're more than doubling the team of highly-trained driving instructors to serve more students and maintain lesson availability.

  • The name - Coastline is an industry leader in behind-the-wheel driver education whose mission is to eradicate car crashes.

  • A more modern fleet - packed with safety features like GPS tracking, video/audio recording, emergency equipment, and more.


What's not changing?

  • The faces you're used to every day - we're still the same local team of professional classroom and driving instructors, and staff.

  • The high-quality education - now supplemented and supported by Coastline to make students safer, more confident drivers


We gratefully recognize the incredible work the Drive America team has done in the community over the past 30 years, and look forward to continuing to support new drivers in Fresno and surrounding areas. Coastline is on a mission to eradicate car crashes. We do this by teaching safe and confident drivers for life.

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